CSUCI Zen Surfers in the line up

Conditioning, concentration, contemplation

Pre-surfing exercise and stretching

Jon and Phil limber up

Ocean swimming test

Important physical conditioning

Land surfing pop-up practice

First paddle out at Mondos

Catherine surfin' and smilin'

Wipeouts happen!

Caitlan on top of the world

Carrie leans into a turn

Jacque crusin' at Mondos

Zen surf girls and Kenji (lifeguard)
Zensurfers step into liquid

Adriana practices Zen

Melanie, Daniel (lifeguard) and Alex

Synthia stylin' at Mondos

Andrea crusies Oxnard Shores

Practicing for tandem surfing

Cheyne charges

Perfect day at Mondos

Zensurfers prepare for a session

Raul backhand at Mondos

Lisa, student assistant 2008

Simone, student assistant 2007

Zensurfing - flawless Ventura County

The Ed-Factor, student assistant 2005

Kenji - toes on the nose

Matt - racing the lip

Steve in the hot zone
Ryan carves a huge cutback

Jack: Professor-Veteran Zensurfer
Jack blasts through a tight section

Kenji, David and Jack

Jack slices a smoth bottom turn
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