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Zen of Surfing instructor: CSUCI Professor Jack Reilly, Artist / Veteran Zensurfer

Jack Reilly began surfing in 1965 and has experience surfing in California, Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Florida, and France. Prior to his formal university studies in art, he designed and shaped "Creation Surfboards" during the experimental short-board revolution of the late 1960s and early 1970s. After graduating from college, in 1978 he moved to California, and for a short while he worked for "Con Surfboards" in Venice, CA as airbrush artist, pinstriper and shaper. In general surf conditions, he usually rides a 6'10" hybrid quad or tri-fin. In addition to heading the CSUCI Art Dept. and exhibiting his paintings in galleries and museums, Jack can be found surfing his favorite Ventura County breaks.

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