From the CSUCI area take the 101 Ventura Freeway NORTH, go past the city of VENTURA, past the "Seaward" exit, past the "California Street" exit and past the "33 Ojai Freway" exit. After that, watch for the "STATE BEACHES" exit and take it off the freeway to the coast access road. Take the coast road north a few miles to "Faria Beach". Just before the road curves around to Faria, there is a cove area (Mondos) where you will see other surfers and a dirt lot parking off the road, directly across the street from the beach, adjacent the railroad tracks. We will meet there. Warning: do not lay your board on the railroad tracks!

Maps to C Street - Ventura Point
Directions to Ventura Point (AKA: “C Street”).
From the 101 exit on California Street. Turn left onto bridge over the freeway. Turn right on Harbor. Shortly ahead to your left there is free parking on Paso de Playa (located between two condos – but it is usually pretty full). From there proceeded to Figueroa St. Turn left. Go straight toward the beach, at the end there is free parking at “Surfers Point” (it is usually pretty full if there is any surf). From there follow the curve to the right on what becomes Perimeter Way to the $2 parking lot on the left (overlooking the surf break). Do not park in the giant fairground parking lot across the street to the right.

You can park in any of the above mentioned lots, but we well meet and surf the beginners in the cove to the left (south) of “Surfers Point” at the sand bottom where the rocks endand a stairway goes down from the Promenade. The more experienced surfers can surf just above us at “Surfers Point” or go up even further towards the top of the point “Pipe.
Directions to Oxnard Shores - See maps below.

To 5th Street . From CSUCI heading north on the 101 freeway, just before Ventura, take the Victoria exit west and drive about 3 miles to 5th Street. Turn right on 5th Street which ends at the ocean and turns into Mandalay Beach Road. Park on Mandalay Beach Road by the trailer park (1).

To Neptune Square beach park (2). From the trailer park on 5th Street and Mandalay Beach Road, go about 1mile south on Mandalay Beach Road to Neptune and turn right toward the beach. You will see a basketball court and some kiddie swings and stuff right there. Park on the street.

To surf spot (3). From the 101 freeway take the Victoria exit west and drive about 3 miles to 5th street. Turn right on 5th Street go about 1 mile and Turn left on Harbor Blvd. Go about a mile or so and turn right on Costa de Oro which takes you directly to the entrance of the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Hotel, turn left at the hotel entrance and go around to the parking lot just south of the hotel. The parking lot is at the corner of Mandalay Beach Rd and Sunset Lane. Park in the lot. (Google Maps/GPS: 1992 Mandalay Beach Road, Oxnard, CA 93035).

See numbered locations on maps below

Oxnard Shores - Spot 3

Secret Spot - Ventura County

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