Zen of Surfing is a university credit course, designed by Jack Reilly, Professor Emeritus, long-standing surfer and former designer and shaper for Creation Surfboards. The course deals with the exploration into the physiological and psychological benefits that result from human interaction with forces of nature. Students develop an increased understanding of the ocean and complex dynamics that underlie the sport of surfing. The interrelationship between physical activity and personal aesthetics are explored through surfing and related activities.
California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) is located in Ventura County California, six miles from the Pacific coast, adjacent some of the best surfing breaks of the US mainland. With Malibu 30 miles south and Rincon 30 miles north and numerous other outstanding surf breaks in between, CSUCI is the place for the Zen of Surfing experience.
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Zen Surfer at "Secret Spot" Ventura County, CA

"Water is good for all living things. It flows without thinking about where it is going." Lao Tsu - Tao te Ching

Zen of Surfing Professors

Jack Reilly, MFA
Course originator and Professor of Art
53 years surfing experience

Matt Furmanski, MFA
Professor of Art
42 years surfing experience

Certified Lifeguards

Kenji Webb, BA in Art

50 years surfing experience

Kagney Turville, BA in Art

Daniel Bleicher
29 years surfing experience

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Photos by Jack Reilly, Andrea Marzell, Monica Furmanski,
Hiromi, Kenji Web and Natasha Hopper.

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